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Essential Fire Safety Measures are the life & fire safety systems required in commercial, industrial & public buildings to ensure the safety of occupants in the event of a fire or emergency. In all states and territories, there is legislation that requires the Safety Measures are maintained to ensure they will operate when called upon in an emergency.

The Maintenance of Safety Measures in buildings is mandated within the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and/or that State’s Building Regulations. Often the predominant Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Standard which applies is the Australian Standard AS1851 – Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment. From 2012, a totally revised version of AS1851 was released as AS1851-2012. Most States and Territories have now adopted that new standard in one form or another. The Queensland Fire and Rescue Act , mandates the adoption of AS1851-2012 in law, whilst in Victoria it can be adopted immediately for older buildings but for buildings built after 1994, the requirements of the Occupancy Permit must always take precedence, unless varied by a Certified Building Surveyor.

The revised AS1851-2012 has 19 sections covering all areas of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment Maintenance and focuses on I,T,M & S.

  • Inspection
  • Test
  • Maintenance, &
  • Survey

One of the most important new requirements of the revised AS1851-2012 edition is the need to perform a Survey in order to identify whether there have been any occupancy or building alterations which may have compromised the currently installed Fire Protection Equipment or which may require additional or different Fire Protection Equipment to be installed.

Statcom Systems will be able to identify the Essential Fire Safety Measures in the building that this new Survey applies to and whether the Fire Services Contractors should be adhering to this new standard. Statcom Systems will also be able to advise whether the new Interface System Tests which are now a requirement of the revised AS1851-2012 apply to systems in the building. In many instances, Statcom Systems will be able to provide this Survey capability.

Statcom Systems is a leader in this field & provides complete essential fire safety measures solutions & offers a professional & highly developed range of services and products to assist in the compliance of essential safety, essential services and fire safety. Statcom Systems has offices in Melbourne, East Gippsland and Sydney. In other States, Statcom Systems would carry out the initial identification of essential fire safety measures using its own staff or in some cases, be supported by local Building Surveyors or Fire Services Companies.

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